By: Dee Miyamura
Media Critic and Reviewer

November/December 2010

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control, this review was not sent to the Editor. Below you will find the article intact, ending with an “Update” as of November 5, 2010. Thank you. Ms. Miyamura

It is a Friday night on the Sunset Strip, April 30, 2010. I was expecting an uneventful night of very young bands and a crowd of “ankle-bitters” at an All-Ages-Show that the main feature was a band of 9-year-olds called The Thrashers! I braved all this just to see my friend (Patrick Stone) and his band, Aces N Eights, now that’s friendship!

The line-up…

Baby New Year

Daily Basis

A Color 4 The Occasion

High Voltage



The Thrashers

Aces N Eights

I arrived late, Acidic was already onstage. I found a delightful surprise. This band of 17 and 19-year-olds, Mike Gossard, and Ted Dubrawski, and Matt Whitaker, and Mike Thompson, all had good energy! They had plenty of charisma and showmanship. Gossard lead vocals were strong and clear. Thompson on guitar and Dubrawski on bass and Whitaker on drums, all sang backing vocals and played so well I forgot how young they were. I was impressed.

Scour. Another young band, keep up the quality of a good performance! Chris Jones is the lead vocalist; and Jason Manoff playing the guitar; and Drew Mattern behind the drums; and Will Walz playing the bass. Scour delivered in much the same way as Acidic, which was a pleasure!

The Thrashers were up next. It is now past 10 p.m. This band of 9-year-olds was roughly around 3-feet-tall, and for a lady just a little past 5-feet-tall, I felt like a giant! Their fans, a large following of equally aged boys and girls, and their parents, lined the front of the stage and became the-family-that-rocks-together-stays-together! Much of the vocals I could not hear, however; their musicianship and showmanship I found far beyond their tender years.

Nick on bass, Chris on drums, Charles on rhythm guitar, Geddy on lead guitar, and Brandon on keys. Chris was surrounded by a large drum kit, and Chris, Charles, and Geddy were nearly overwhelmed by the size of their instruments.

Saying “Goodbye” to the All-Ages show rating when Patrick Stone, lead singer of Aces N Eights shouted out his first “F”-word of the night! Phil George the drummer, Evan Shanks the bass player, and Taz Rudd the lead guitarist, along with Stone jumped into one of their longest and finest sets to date!

The All-Ages thing took its final bow, when a man leading a young woman wearing a dog color on a lease was lead onstage. She was barely dressed in a see-through black top, black bra, very short-shorts, garter, stockings, and heels. The Man handed the lease to Patrick as she “pole danced” around him. Let us not forget a lap-dance for Taz, as he sat on the drum riser playing a guitar solo!

For the Finale Aces n Eights, along with members of The Thrashers, performed “Jumping Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones. Drummer Phil turned over his drums to Chris of The Thrashers. Thrashers members Nick (bass), Charles (rhythm guitar), Geddy (lead guitar), and Brandon (keys) joined Patrick Stone singing! However; handling the bass for the finale… Special guest, Jimmy Bain of Dio!


I was unable to locate any information on Baby New Year, A Color 4 The Occasion, and High Voltage!

Nothing new has been added to the facebook or myspace for Daily Basis.

Scour is getting ready for a weekend show in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel and Casino on November 13 and 14. They stay connected with their fans via facebook and myspace.

Acidic is very busy. They have a tour beginning on November 26th in Dayton, Ohio.

The Thrashers have aged into the double-digits. Now 10 years old! They had a “Listening Party” on September 24, 2010 at the Rainbow and continue to perform!

Aces N Eights have been active on the strip! A CD is forthcoming.


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