Brixton South Bay in Redondo Beach

By: Dee Miyamura
Media Critic and Reviewer

May/June 2010

Brixton South Bay is a venue on the Redondo Beach Pier that you might pass up. The entrance faces the street and slightly hidden from the normal foot traffic. The doorman checks your ID (Brixton is 21 and over), and you walk downstairs to the ticket counter. The surprise is when you reach the club floor itself!

The club has been there, under one name or another, for many years. My first venture was when it was the Blue’s club, Harvelle’s. Since then, the stage had been remodeled, allowing the performers more room to rock!

Tonight, Friday, June 18, 2010; my former South Bay neighbors, SILENT TREATMENT, are returning to the area. I arrived just after 7 p.m., and could hear them sound checking as I wait for the doors to open. The bands scheduled to perform were Silent Treatment, and Left Brain Heart, and Local H. The headliner was Local H.

The first band inherits the difficult time spot, and the responsibility of waking up the audience and getting the night started. Silent Treatment doesn’t let this challenge hinder them. The band performs with as much energy and enthusiasm as if they are playing for the crowds on the Sunset Strip!

Dave Rosales, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, his trademark hair swings back and forth as he spins. The voice so reminiscent of Jim Morrison, with the Rosales edge, fills the room. Jerry Wu, one of the best lead guitarists (and I am jaded in that respect) handles the fret board with ease. The rhythm section is handled by Steve Abel on bass guitar, and Rico Esparza on drums combined with Wu and Rosales, giving us the Silent Treatment, as only they can!

I would like to say a special “Thank you” to Dave Rosales, for that special shout-out during “Friends”. I immediately caught it and it was appreciated!

Silent Treatment’s set ends all too quickly, and the personable band comes out into the crowd to meet and greet old fans and new, and old friends and new! Thank you, ST!

Coming Soon…

One-on-one interview with Dave Rosales!

all photos © 2010 Dori Savino Lawrence & Iconic photos.


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