By: Dee Miyamura
Media Critic and Reviewer

May/June 2010

Welcome to Harvelle’s in Santa Monica, California! It was a Tuesday night, June 29, 2010, and a Family Re-Union was taking place. Singer Becky Curtis with her talented singer, songwriter and guitarist son, JT Curtis. Former band mates, JT and drummer Stephen Quadros, from the Cream cover band, Whipped Cream. Stephen and his former band mate from Snow, and many other bands, Tony Cavazo on bass.

Joining Curtis, Curtis, Quadros, and Cavazo, were Michael Russeck on keys, and Sebastian Leger on trumpet, and Dan Boissy on saxophone! JT and Michael supplied backing vocals.

Harvelle’s is a small, narrow intimate nightspot near the Promenade. The dance floor was cramped. The stage was well lite, but the band didn’t all fit with the horn section along one wall on the dance floor. Becky and company performed two sets, each roughly an hour long with some of the best cover tunes out there.

Becky Curtis, taking a break between the two sets, gave the boys a chance to perform a few original songs by JT! Excellent!

Becky’s wonderful voice and energetic stage presence kept us going. She interacted with the audience joining them on the floor to dance! The boys in the band went right along with her!

Drummer Quadros had not performed live on drums for the last three years. He sat down behind the kit and was off-and-running like a well toned race horse. Stephen is animated, fun to watch. Fired up and ready to rock the house! After a brief bout with technical difficulties, a broken foot pedal for his bass drum, switched to his left-foot and was back on beat!

Great music and great friends made the night fly by! Goodnight!


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